Zachary Kaiser
Generative Drawing Application for Wedding Invitation (2011-2012)

When it came time to design our wedding invites, my wife and I agreed that the visual elements used in the design should come from something more than the typical, "oh that looks cute," or "we like little birds." Since I had been spending a great deal of time working with gestural interfaces in graduate school, we decided to try to use some of the code that I had been writing to help us design our wedding invitations.

Leveraging code that I had written for a gestural music-making interface, I created a generative drawing application that would track the position of our knees and wrists over time as we danced together in front of a Kinect.

The video above overlays footage of us dancing and the screen capture as the software generates the drawing, which was then used as the primary graphic element in the invitations, program, and other wedding-day collateral.