Zachary Kaiser
Graphic Design as an Artistic Practice for the Unraveling of the Everyday
Message Journal 3 (2016), 108-134. Open Access link:

Operating at the nexus of graphic design and philosophy/critical theory, this article critiques the design of products and services driven by hegemonic ideologies that privilege efficiency, and, by proxy, quantification and computation, over all else. Such ideologies cater to neoliberal capitalism and, this piece suggests, flatten and homogenize the dynamic and singular nature of qualitative human experience. Design is complicit in propping up these ideologies, legitimating them in everyday life today, more than ever, through digital products and services. In what ways is (graphic) design complicit in this flattening of human experience, and how might it be used to reveal its complicity or subvert the ideologies that it is so often used to support? I explore these questions in this article.

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