Zachary Kaiser
This installation was designed and developed with my partners at Skeptic. My role: concepting, sourcing hardware, initial Arduino code development.

The Together Festival is a week-long celebration of music and technology here in Boston. My partners and I were asked to put together an installation piece for the main stage, the Middle East Downstairs.

The goal of the piece was to move the focus of the experience towards the audience, reminding them that they are integral to the performance.

When we visited the space, we were inspired by the regularly-spaced steel bars that traversed the entire ceiling. We immediately began to see a grid of some sort, floating above the crowd, and lighting up in time with the music. So that's what we built.

Using industrial lighting diffusers commonly found in office drop-ceilings, 300 LEDs, and an Arduino micro-controller, we created an 8’ x 12’ audio-reactive display that was mounted on the ceiling over the dance floor. And Four Tet, notorious for only using house lights during his performances, even told the crew to leave it on.